Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pictures from Taiwan to follow

So sorry everyone!  Since I had so much trouble uploading the pictures sent from the yard, I sort of gave up trying in the few minutes of each night I have to myself.

Tom Button is on the way back from his latest trip to Taiwan and though I saw the first pictures while entertaining 9 friends from my bereavement group in my apartment last night, I haven't been able to do anything with them.  I'm babysitting Tuck for the night, so I have to work with one ear tuned.  I promise to share them with you this week, bad girl that I am!

Today was wild - I went into NYC for the day to visit the High Line.  For those of you not from the Big Apple, the High Line is an elevated public park above the city streets of the West side of Manhattan.  It used to be the elevated railway line for freight trains back in the day.  I think the last freight train rumbled through in the early 1960s, so the structure was in serious disrepair.  Rather than tear down what was rapidly becoming an eyesore, a photographer had the vision to create a park like environment.  The High Line Conservancy was born and raises funds to keep this space beautiful - a true respite from the hustle and bustle directly below, a space that incidentally houses the famed Chelsea Markets, a paradise of eateries and fabulous food.  I thought you might not mind a few non-boat pictures...

Looking towards the East side and East River from a High Line (10th Avenue) vantage point...

Then, with a mere turn of the head, a West side and Hudson River vista come into view.

There is even a real lawn to walk on (it was closed today so it could "rest").

...and some local artwork to feast one's eyes on....

Of course no trip to the city is complete without a wonderful meal and today was no exception!

After this idyllic morning/early afternoon adventure, I rushed home on the LIRR (it was on schedule today) to meet my son-in-law in the LIRR parking lot to take Tucker for the night.

Anyway, I do intend to keep my promise to get you pics, so please stand by for boat pictures.  Our girl is really taking shape and beginning to display the beautiful lines characteristic of this majestic model.  I'm going to hold off on sharing the engine room/machinery space pics since I have no idea what I'm looking at.  Once I get an explanation from Mr. B., I'll post those pics.  Oh BTW, since the yard needed to build the TV cabinet and lift, I had to make a decision on a model.  I picked (with some help from a 17 yr. old) a 46" Samsung HD Smart TV.  Figured it would be neat to see my computer screen larger than life on a TV screen since I'm not into TV.  Tomorrow morning (Sunday), Tom B. and I will be having a conversation (before noon) about bullnose counter finishes.  The yard apparently has a concern about where 2 counter edges meet since I'm extending the galley counter top to accommodate 2 barstools.  I guess at this time tomorrow, new words will have entered my vocabulary.  Who woulda guessed?

Back soon friends........

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