Thursday, June 5, 2014

....Master and Guest Staterooms on Display!

I have to admit that when Tom B. emails me pictures of the boat, I print them for a scrapbook I hope to eventually have time to create.  That folder is growing quite large, a constant reminder that I really do need to slow down to do the fun things in life (actually I am, that's why I never have time for the other "stuff").  Without Tom's partnership, all chores fall on my shoulders, something I'm not at all used to.  I used to think (and argue) that I did it "all", but guess I was fooling myself all these years.  Too bad I can't admit I was wrong now.

On to happier events - stateroom pictures!  When I first look at some of the pictures, I have to flip them around a bit, since it's not always evident what I'm looking at.  I can honestly tell you that since I'm a relative novice boater, had I not had 2 other Krogens, I might be able to envision anything at this stage - not without an encyclopedia of explanations.  Wow, did I just date myself there!  I'll bet some of your children never used an encyclopedia!  LOL

The following 2 pictures are of the guest stateroom, one looking aft and the other looking forward to starboard and center (is that even a term)?  You can see how nicely the twin berths are nestled into the space with ample storage in the drawers-to-be below each berth.  The center table is convenient for each occupant to place a book, glass of something, clock, etc.  The 3 openings across the wall will be enclosed with doors, yet another storage spot.  You can just about see a small part of the desk to starboard in the foreground.  Amazing how many things can be fit into this space.

I had to look at the next picture a bit.  Thanks to the week I spent on a 55, I finally recognized the opening for the hanging locker and the space for the stacked washer/dryer combo.  I guess the dryer vent hose was a rather broad hint, huh?  I'm delighted that the desk is so generously sized.  I doubt I will be using it as a desk given the other wonderful spaces on this boat, but as I said in an earlier post, it makes a perfect spot to fold clothes.

Onto the master stateroom.  The nice thing about Krogens is that the master stateroom is fairly uniform among all the boats with the exception of size of course - and by not that much mind you.
In the picture below, you can see the bed and storage areas built into the hull sides.  I don't think I ever put anything into those enclosures, but then, we didn't keep either of our first 2 boats long enough or use them enough to accumulate too much stuff.  It certainly is a nice option to be able to tuck those essential bedtime items away yet have them close by.

Another view of the drawers-to-be that hold an amazing amount of clothes - and are deep enough to climb into!  Looking to starboard, you can see that necessary little step so essential for that final hop needed to get into bed.  The seat right above the step always intrigued me - does anyone actually sit on it??

Looking to starboard, you can see another set of 2 drawers-to-be above a small locker.  The top of this neat storage combo might be a cozy place for my cat Zoe to snooze when company is aboard and she wants her privacy.  That is of course, if she is not sprawled on the bed, which for her, is more likely.
You can see another one of those cute enclosures adjacent to the storage area.

As I excitedly look at all these pictures, I get the distinct impression that I would be wise to make a map of the storage areas and a list of what is in each one.  I'm already a bit mind-boggled and I'm not even aboard yet!

Yes, this is one picture I turned around a few times until I realized it is the starboard hanging locker.  Similar to Serenity, the port lights in the closet are a lovely feature.  No need to peer into a dark corner or use a flashlight to root around for a needed item.  The opening is wide enough to get into and I think access the AC filter.  At least that's where Serenity's AC filter was.  Boy, do I have a LOT to learn!

Another view of the hanging locker and drawer/cabinet combo....

Though not glamorous, I think this space in the hanging locker is for something AC related - you Krogen experts will know what this is all about.

So as promised a couple of days ago, I'm bringing you pictures in stages - more fun to look at and less time in the chair for me.  The next pictures will be of the galley.   I haven't been much of a cook during the past 10 years (I can cook pretty well, Italian after all); I never chose to since Tom was so proficient in that area.  Why struggle when a wonderful chef was in the house?  I am getting vibes however,  that this galley will inspire me to create some pretty tasty offerings.  If you're in town when I am, come aboard and see for yourself!

I'm excited to report that I booked a flight to Stuart in early August.  I hope to meet with my electronics gurus and the KKY folks to finalize my selections and lay out the helm - a HUGE accomplishment.  I know many of you are more than curious to know all about the gizmos that will go into this boat.  Your patience shall be rewarded in due time my friends.  I also plan to shop for the tiles that will go on the back splash behind the stove and perhaps have an initial meeting with the wonderful folks who will put the name on the boat.  They did such a magnificent job on For Us and Serenity, that I don't need to make any other comparisons.  

With the enormous amount of decisions and vision required when building a boat - complicated by distance, I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have owned 2 other Krogens and in the owning of those 2 boats, to have met the most wonderful people.  I have had to explain to some cynical folks here that I know I am being taken excellent care of and that everyone has my best interests at heart.  My own attorney thinks I've taken leave of my senses - but then she is not a KKY owner.  

So, with the pictures comes some philosophy - part of what makes this whole blogging experience so wonderful for me.  I feel as if I am chatting with friends - and in a way, I am.  By the sheer act of your interest in what I write, we would be friends if we met.   With that said, I will be aboard my new girl in Stuart in January, 2015 and in New York sometime in April, 2015 - so there's your invitation!

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