Thursday, June 19, 2014

...not yet...

Very bad night of golf, lots of double pars.

 The frustration began when I realized I left my phone on my desk.  Since I no longer have a land line, this was not a good situation.  It took several tries to call the office to ask someone to put the phone in my desk drawer.  Then I had to make another call to be sure my key card would let me in later this evening.  Since no one was sure, I had no choice but to leave the golf course (after my round of course) and drive to my office while some people were still there.  My golf girls are a resilient group - instead of having dinner at the restaurant we selected near the golf course, we opted for another favorite closer to my office.  Aside from the horrific golf score, the night was not a total disaster.  We played and still managed to have dinner (and wine).

That said, the detour cost valuable time.  Now I'm trying to get done what normal people do after work - all before midnight.  So folks, no blog tonight.  I promise to try to get some pictures posted over the weekend.  Tomorrow night I'm boating with some friends after work - this is a late-night crowd, so I already know there will be no blog tomorrow.  My social life is great, but it does put me behind.  The scramble to catch up sometimes overtakes me.  Now, with all that, how can you even be a teensy bit annoyed with me?

You'll forget anything you're thinking now once you see the pictures.   I promise!

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  1. At least it was not Army golf (left, right, left, right) or Navy golf (beach, water, beach water)..