Saturday, May 3, 2014

Quick Note

I'm puttering while my grandson sleeps peacefully in the bedroom.  Since I have several minutes to call my own, I decided to have a quick chat about my one of my favorite topics - the boat.

On Friday, Tom B. sent an email telling me the yard had enough of the Sunbrella fabric to cover the twin beds in the guest stateroom.  Laura and I chuckle every time this topic comes up because the name of the fabric is Pango Buff, but Mr. B. insists that it is Pango Puff.  So typical of men.  He also thinks all neutral shades are created equal, so there you have it.  Not only does the yard have enough fabric for the beds, but now, do I also want pillows in that fabric?  Pillows?  That is one thought that didn't even cross my mind.  So typical of the folks who aim to please, the next hour was devoted to pillow sizes, piping vs. no piping and shapes:  rectangle, square, bolster-type, round, sham edges, no edges???????  Removable covers, and if yes, where to place the zipper?  Rigid or floppy?  The choices would have an interior decorator rethinking his/her chosen career!

Once we put this topic in for a nap, guess what came up again?  The back splash conversation.  I know my Tom would be wringing his hands by now.  If the faucet conversations put him over the edge, the back splash saga would truly be the straw that broke the camel's back.  Luckily, I don't have those issues, so chat we did.  Actually I have to confess that this conversation was launched by me.  In one of my typical nights of thinking and re-thinking that day's boat conversations, I thought it might be a good idea to bring the granite in the heads up to the bottom of the mirror.  Laura sent me several photos of the heads on an earlier 55 and she's right, they look fine the way they're usually done - no back splash at all.  The area is not large enough to sport a back splash.  There is such a thing as overkill I guess.

Now that I've made myself crazy again, I think I'll complete the insanity by trying for the 2nd time to sync my new Fitbit with this laptop and my other devices.  Amazing that I can build a boat and not be able to sync a tiny spec of technology with another piece of technology.  Where is a 10 year old when you need one?  Wait, maybe I should wake up Tucker.  Hmmmm, let's not lose our heads here.  LOL

Once all the decorating decisions are made, I think I'll set up a collage, something that I've seen decorators do once a room is ready to be coordinated.  I can set up the Ultraleather swatch, the Sunbrella fabric, the granite, tile back splash behind the stove and any other items that figure into this scheme of things.  Oh happy day when I get to that point!


  1. Just to let you know we are reading your writing! Fitbit is awesome, you will like it!

  2. Hey John! I got the stupid thing all set up and got my first 5000 step badge by 11 am this morning. You're right - I already love the thing! So glad you're reading - and I hope enjoying - my blog.