Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm here, finally - with pictures!

Wow, this was a long time in coming and I apologize profusely.  Even with a long weekend, I'm rushing around trying to get things done so I can do this post.  What in the world keeps me so busy?  Rhetorical question, folks.  I ask myself this same question every day and night.

Anyway, I know you want me to be quiet and get posting those pictures I've been teasing you with.
So without further delay, here they are!

Tom B. got these pictures from the yard last Monday.  According to Mr. B., they are moving along nicely with the joinery work.  I'm told at this point, it goes very quickly, then slows down as the fine details are done.  We are all very excited to see these first pictures ever of the steps.  Typical of KKY, they actually listen to their owners and are always looking for ways to improve upon the perfection that is a KKY.  You may remember in one of my older posts (October, 2012) that I was infatuated with the new interior design for the 55 that was rolled out during the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous that month.  It was that presentation that launched my dream of owning a 55.

The previous design had about 11 steps winding down from the pilot house to the main deck.  Those steps concerned me (especially since I'm not a graceful sort).  The idea of re-locating them and changing the  direction was a brilliant one that I thought would suit me just fine.  The re-located steps allowed for a true walk-in engine room instead of needing to go into a hatch.  That access design is for another post, so don't worry that I just glossed over that major feature.

The following picture shows the lower "landing" that was cut into the starboard wall that formerly held a bookcase above a cabinet.  The wall will be opened a bit more, much like the steps in a home that are partially open to the room for a few steps.  That is really going to open up the boat in an area that narrows for access to the staterooms.

You can see how the first few steps lead up to a nice landing that minimizes the curve and eliminates the several narrow steps that used to form the curve.  There will be a substantial hand rail on the starboard side.  When I asked about the height of the risers and was told they are 8", I was delighted to discover that 8" is only a 1/2" higher than household steps.

This next view is looking down the steps from the pilot house.

The top of the steps in the pilot house will be immediately adjacent to the fridge that abuts the settee.

This is a nice shot of the main part of the steps.  The lights in the risers will come in very handy at night if guests sleeping in the pilot house feel the need to wander around.  Oh, I forgot to mention that several of the lower steps will have storage space.  The KKY folks are discussing the best access to that storage - from the top or from the side.  I'm waiting for the concensus.

The following picture features how nicely the galley is taking shape.  You can actually see where the sink will go.........

The helm is really starting to look like a helm.  I can almost picture me at the wheel.  Well, almost...

The master stateroom berth fits snugly into the bow with all the necessary storage nooks and crannies appearing.

Mmm, I wonder if a luxury mattress should be considered.  That bottom looks awfully hard!

The master head looks like there will be plenty of shelves hidden away for all those necessities that seem to take up so much room.

I don't know about you, but I had to really look at this picture closely to see what was actually going on.  It's the guest stateroom showing the steps to the pilot house.  On the outboard side, there will be a nice bookcase to balance the steps.  Those 3 openings will be doors that will be able to hold guest's things, so everything will have a nice place to "live" and look neat.

As on the other 55s, this room will have a nice desk, hanging locker and a stacked Bosch front loading washer and dryer.  The desk will come in handy for folding clothes.  If you remember from earlier pictures, the twin beds each have an impressive set of drawers under each bed.

Well everyone, this post took over an hour which is why I knew I couldn't start it when I finally roll in here after 10.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Please feel free to comment, ask questions or whatever.

This is my first Memorial Day without Tom since I was a teen-ager.  I kept the weekend jam-packed with activities.  Today was especially difficult since Tom was not here to produce his legendary barbecues complete with enough food to feed any passing parade.  My daughter did a beautiful job though (she learned from the best) and we had a lovely day in spite of our aching hearts.  We are optimists and made plans for celebrating next Memorial Day on the new boat.

 I hope you all enjoyed the holiday.  We have a whole summer to look forward to.

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