Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Been Awhile Folks

So sorry there was this dead spot in the posts.  While I completely planned to do a post tonight - complete with pictures - the horse took more time than planned.  I got to the barn late - around 6:30, had to graze for 40 minutes, walk him, humor him, then begin the arduous process of brushing, currying, and all sorts of getting pounds of dust off him.  Since he had a tooth pulled last Wednesday, I've got him on antibiotics.  So, you ask, what's the big deal?  Ever try to get a 60cc syringe full of bad tasting medicine into a horse's mouth who has other ideas?  I practically needed a ladder to get the syringe tip into his mouth.  Between the head tossing and trying to bolt forward, no wonder I had the stuff in my hair, eyes, and all over the ceiling of the barn.  Get the picture?

Now that I have your sympathy (I hope), you need to give me another day or so to upload the pics the yard sent yesterday, then find some time to sit down and type.  These are nice pictures since they show the new step configuration.  Though you'll have to use some imagination, you will be able to see where the steps are and a bit of how they'll look.

This past weekend was Tucker's 3rd birthday party.  We celebrated for 3 days and combined his celebration with my daughter's.  Their birthdays are a day apart.  Will send some of those pictures too in case you get bored with pictures of the boat.  LOL

Please have patience with me.  I'll try to make the next post well worth the wait.

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