Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pictures - Inside AND Outside!

So, the day is finally done.  Worked until 6, visited the horse, took him for grass, groomed, fed treats, swept aisle and drove home.  Saving the pictures took less time and frenzy than expected, a good thing.

Tom B. is in Taiwan as we speak and sent a thoughtful email asking if I needed him to do or send anything while he's there.  He's thrilled that I'm thrilled, so it's a love fest going on with this boat build.  I remember building our first home in Houston and what a frustrating, mind-boggling experience it was. I think I spent 3 months second guessing every decision that was made under duress every step of the way.  Not so with the boat.  These people really want you to be happy and absolutely will not allow you to make a mistake on the big ticket items.  While nothing is ever promoted or forced, they are there with reasons for each question/opinion asked.  I really can sleep at night, knowing I'm in good hands.

So, the big moment has arrived.  The pictures posted last month showed the boat's skeleton; the following pictures leave very little to the imagination, a mere 5 weeks later.  The yard is blazing away.

This is the picture that nearly necessitated a 911 call when I first saw it.

...and this one too...

For those of you who will be in either Huntington during the summer of 2015 or in Stuart during the winter of 2014-15, this is where cocktails will be served...

I love the boarding gates now flush with the dock.  They were tough to navigate on Serenity when returning from shopping with a loaded cart.  Heavy bags had to be hoisted up and over the rail, then down onto the deck.  I also love that the swim platform is attached without arms.  It's a much cleaner look and two less items to maintain.  However, we giveth and taketh since I'm having staples installed on the swim platform to "assist" with trips from the dinghy onto and off of the boat.  Increasing age has a way of necessitating things once never even considered.

The next 2 pictures provide a peek topside of the pilothouse.  It makes me giddy with either fright or excitement - probably both - to think I'll be standing/sitting in the middle of that space navigating my very own boat.  Wow, seems so completely unbelievable!  An old friend sent me a note and referred to me as "commodore".  Tee hee and woo hoo.

You'll notice that the newly located steps have not yet been cut into the floor.  I'm very anxious for this part of the build since it is this new design that led me to the exact point I'm at at this very moment!
We can even see the pilothouse roof being made for heaven's sake....

So you all were the first to see the new girl's outside starting to look pretty darn good and very "boat-like".

The next pictures are of the inside.  I'll give a little intro of each picture for those who have never been aboard a Krogen (you don't know what you're missing).

This first picture is looking into the galley.  Unlike the other Krogens, this galley is to port.  It is also an open layout, with a slanted wall housing a 2-sided glass cabinet and double door Jenn-Aire fridge that is bigger than those in some homes (it's certainly way bigger than the fridge in this apartment, that's for sure).

If you look slightly to port, you'll see the slab of wood that will form the backdrop for the stove, back splash and micro convection oven. There will be a wall and counter between the stove and fridge.  The tiles I'm considering will form a nice focal point for the galley, adding just a touch of interest.  The glass cabinet will be lighted and nicely light both the galley and passageway at night.  I didn't even have to sacrifice beauty for utility since there is room under the glass cabinets for less exciting items.  Storage on this boat is a non-issue.

This is a photo of the guest stateroom with the twin bed design I opted for.  Since we never used the "office" on Serenity, configuring this room as a full-time stateroom was a no-brainer.

The beds will have ample storage underneath each one; there is also a good-sized hanging locker in the room.  To the inboard starboard side, the electronics cabinet will protrude into the room above the bed; the steps to the pilot house will be built into the room as well.  Both will be cleverly concealed within a cherry header.  I've seen pictures of 52s and 58s with the fly bridge access steps barely visible above the bed closest to the window.  Within the guest stateroom is a Bosch front loading washer and dryer as well as a desk ideal for folding clean laundry.

While we're on the sleeping quarters topic, the next photo is of the master stateroom bed.  You can see where the drawers will go and note the platform for the bed.  The space under the bed is cavernous - it's where I plan to store my NY winter clothes and other sundry items.

How clever it is to design the bed right into the bow.  This is the one place in the boat that one really knows one is on a boat, how could you not, looking at those curved walls?!  That design takes full advantage of the perfect spot for a bed.  When at anchor, it's wonderful to hear the water caressing the bow.  Those drawers are deep enough to hide in, believe me!

Quite considerate to design a master stateroom with an ensuite head.  Essential when sharing the boat with those who might not fit the category of family or close friend.  We're looking at the vanity and shower.  This shower will not have any teak in it - too hard to maintain.  The windows will have clean edges.  The seat in the shower is another thoughtful addition - makes shaving one's legs possible without having to get your hair all wet (I know, TMI).  These little conveniences all add up when one is living aboard, so don't laugh.

The next pic is one of my favorites.  I can actually see myself standing in the salon looking aft at a rising or setting sun...

You can see the area to port where the TV lift will be housed.  I loooove the size of the windows.  This is a very bright and airy boat - I'm very much a light, airy person.  As a treat, we can peek down into the engine room through the hatch.  The hatch is a brilliant design - if an engine (heaven forbid) or other large item needs to be taken off the boat, the floor won't have to be ripped up - it can just go out through the hatch.  It's great that I won't need to shimmy into the hatch - I can just open a door in the guest head and walk down a few house-hold size steps.  Nice.  I also like the way the engine room can be accessed through the cockpit lazarette.  Very handy; no need to traipse throughout the boat with storage or other bulky items that can be stored in the engine room.

This is one more view looking forward that is taken a bit further aft in the boat.  You can see a bit of the engine room from the hatch and get a glimpse of the port engine.  Even though I've had 2 other Krogens, the sheer width of this girl never ceases to amaze me.  This boat truly will be a comfortable home.  How wonderful to see exotic places, make new friends, have new experiences and still return to your own bed and blankie at night!

This last picture was sent by Tom with the caption: "where does all this go"?  I hope someone has the answer!

I hope you were not disappointed and enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I did.

 I must confess, I printed them out and have them spread out on the counter.  When I feel that this whole journey is really just a dream, I need something concrete for immediate reference to get me grounded.  While I'm making confessions, I have to also tell you that when I opened the first picture, I  burst into tears.  To think that it's only me seeing these fantastic images of our dream taking shape is almost too much to bear.  I so wanted to call Tom and share this momentous event, just as we shared everything else over these past 42 years.   But then I'm comforted when I think of how this boat will be a forever tribute to the man whose thoughtful generosity allowed me to not only dream this dream, but make the dream come true.

G'nite folks and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms grandmoms reading this blog.

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