Monday, May 12, 2014

A quick chat....

Remember what I said about those promises?   Well, it's a new week and I'm right on target.  Stopped what I was doing at work today when my eye fell on my little showcase.  Oh oh, better take the pic now said I to myself.  It's not much, but it's a step in the right direction.

This is a picture of the Uba Tuba green granite that will go on the galley and head counter tops.  Table tops will be cherry.  The Ultraleather swatch is Light Oyster and will go on the salon and pilot house settees and 2 helm chairs.  The Sunbrella swatch is Pango Buff and will go on the twin beds in the guest stateroom.  I'm also having 2 shams made to complete the neat bed look.

 Even though the color scheme is fairly neutral, I'm not afraid of color.  I plan to add accent colors of navy and green with maybe a touch of yellow.  Nautical but not cutesy.  Took a second pic in case the first wasn't good enough.

That's all the boat stuff for today folks.  Tom B. gets back from Taiwan this week, so I expect some phone calls.  Will keep you posted.

I couldn't resist adding this picture.  About once a month, I get home at a sane time on Monday.  Today I rushed off to a nursery near my apartment that is open until 6 pm.  I rolled in like a tornado, wagon in tow and searched for someone who could tell me what the flowers were and where they would do best.  A very patient sales person took mercy on me and followed me (and my wagon) around until I made up my mind.  Flowers safely stowed on the floor in the front of the Explorer, I raced home to plant.

That in itself was a scene of hilarity.  Since I haven't planted since 1986 when Tom pointed out that my row of impatiens was crooked ( I threw my gardening tools in the air and went to have a manicure),  I've had little to no interest in getting my hands dirty.  Now that I have this little apartment to dress up, I went to work.  Within an hour, I had 4 pots of flowers planted.  I had brought a 50 lb bag of potting soil from the old house (the movers thought I was nuts, but I knew better).   I potted the plants in the garage (with the Sunday Times Sports section under the pots), then carried each one up the steps and onto the patio.  3 pots went on the patio, 1 bigger pot went outside the front door.  Happily I discovered the watering can I also brought from the house and proceeded to water the pots till the water dripped out of the bottom - onto my neighbors car parked in his spot under the patio.  Then I noticed that the white resin chairs were more black than white, so out came the Clorox plus Bleach spray bottle.  A roll of paper towels later and coughing from the fumes, the 2 chairs were pristine.  Viola!  I'm ready to sip margaritas on my clean chairs while enjoying the view of my flowers.  Now, all I need is the time to do that!

Have a great week everyone!  I hope to be back shortly with the latest in the boat building saga.

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