Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome Home For Us!

The day Tom and I were anxiously awaiting was here - Sunday, May 2 had finally arrived!  With the arrival of this glorious day came our beloved boat to her new home at West Shore Marina in Huntington.  By 8:30 that morning, Patti was on the phone with us, giving us her position and estimated arrival time (she thought it would be around 2 pm).  From that moment on, we were in high gear, pacing around and making endless lists of what (we thought) needed to be done.  By 1 pm, I was just about leaping out of my skin and begging Tom to get going.  Never mind that we live only 5 minutes from the marina (6 if the light is red).
By 1:30 he couldn't stand me any longer and off we went to the marina.  My heart rate bounced up to triple digits as we entered the parking lot (entering our code and watching the gate go up sent me into a tizzy)!  Since there really was no place to wait, we sat in our car trying not to look at our watches every 15 seconds.  It was one of the rare moments in my life that I was virtually silent.
A few minutes before 2, Tom sat up and whispered, "there she is".  OMG, I catapulted myself out of the car and ran to the end of the dock to get the best view.  Within seconds, For Us glided into view in all her splendor.  I could contain myself no longer and began jumping up and down, shouting to her and waving my arms like a person gone mad.  My throw-away camera could hardly keep up with my frantic snapping of For Us, even though she was moving like a snail (just a tad slower than her usual snail-like speed due to the no-wake zone). 
We followed her around the bend and held our breaths as Captain Patti eased her into her new home! Once the last line was secured and the engine turned off, we cheered (I cried).  Our girl was finally home safe and sound.  By this time, we had attracted quite a crowd.  Our new dock neighbors came over to welcome all of us and asked the inevitable question, "what kind of boat is that?"  While I was holding court, Tom was inspecting every inch of our boat.  It was comical that he was trying not to be too obvious, but everyone noticed and chuckled.  It would be the first of many chuckles believe me.
Being anal about the care and upkeep of this boat was about to make the record books with Tom's picture in the masthead!
Once we remembered our manners, we jumped aboard and thanked Patti and her crew for bringing our girl home safely.  They recounted all the details of their trip (I again wondered why I was hearing the stories instead of telling them) while Tom inspected the inside of the boat.  I guess he was happy with what he saw since he announced that we would all go to dinner to celebrate.
It was a wonderful ending to a happy day.  As we drove away from the marina after dropping Patti and crew off to spend their last night aboard, I told our girl I would see her tomorrow and for many tomorrows after that one!

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