Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Falling in Love (with a boat) 101

It's hard to believe I'm even writing on this topic, but here goes....
Way back in June of 2009, our lives were wired into "full ahead".  Our daughter had just graduated from law school, was cramming for the NY bar exam and planning a September 26th wedding.  Just a tad busy you might say.  My husband Tom grew up on the water spending many summers scraping barnacles off hulls in return for a quick spin on Long Island's Great South Bay. After graduating from SUNY's Maritime College, he sailed tankers across the world and never lost his love of all things marine.  I on the other hand, grew up in Brooklyn and had occasional glimpses of old men sailing their boats on the lake in Prospect Park.  Tom's love of boats led him to begin a modest collection of model boats, extended conversations with the owner of the model boat company and subsequently, led us to Kadey Krogen Yachts.  During a casual conversation (that I shamelessly eavesdropped on) one June day with the model boat company owner, words like keel and hull formed the basis of the conversation.  At the conclusion of this conversation, I (not too casually) asked what was being discussed.  Tom reluctantly admitted they were discussing boats, real boats, trawlers to be specific.  "What's a trawler?" I remember hearing myself ask.  That innocent question formed the basis of the love affair that changed my life. 

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