Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Time to Say "See You Later...."

Our last full day aboard For Us dawned clear, sunny and mild.  Patti and I completed our pre-sail checklist in the dark (as usual), had coffee and discussed the day's agenda.  Today was my day for the lines and fenders (the rubber things that protect the boat from the dock in case the captain misjudges).  Though I still feel like I'm all thumbs when handling the lines (especially when the captain is impatient to leave), I do see a small glimmer of progress.  At least I'm not always dropping them in the water!

 Today's scenery consisted mostly of marshland (how's that term for a New Yorker?) and not too much else.  Since the scenery was so serene, we dialed up some disco music on the satellite, just to liven things up.  Today's destination is Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island - a short cruise.  We were tied up by noon in a marina that seemed to fill up as we got the boat cleaned off.  What a pretty place - and just steps away from the cutest town with tree-lined streets and the quaintest shops. Right up my alley!  After having lunch with the captain, Patti and I made our way ashore.  Never mind the laundry I told her, we can do that later.  See, I'm already in the cruising mode!  What a lovely afternoon we had!  I found a great little gift shop that had the most amazing carved birds.  We visited the oldest saloon in Florida, took pictures with a stone pirate (he was quite cute) and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  In fact, I made 3 separate trips to the store with the birds as I thought of different people to give them to.  Even For Us got 3 birds of her own!  I think the one in the photo is a willet.  Don't know anything more about that subject, so don't ask.

Today was truly like a vacation day.  In fact, it is our vacation and the last full day too. 
Tomorrow is our day to return to the real world.  Boo hoo.

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