Monday, December 13, 2010

More Fun on For Us....

Now that things were getting done on For Us, the trips down to visit her were becoming more relaxed.  Yes, the boxes still continued to arrive and yes, folks were still doing things, but our girl was becoming quite a lovely lady and her decor was taking shape. 

During our visit in late January, we even had time to participate in a Thursday night "meet n' greet" around the pool at the Harborage.  There we met other Krogenites as well as some seasonal residents of the club.  The night of our 1st meet n' greet, I proudly wore a polo shirt my daughter had made for me with For Us embroidered on in red.  Wanted to be sure everyone knew what boat was ours!  It was the perfect entree to meeting lots of wonderful folks.  They were all very curious about the newcomer since there was never a day that someone wasn't doing something on her since she arrived.  I of course was more than delighted to tell them about our plans for the newest addition to our family.

Our next trip in February was very exciting!  The chairs, cushions and other items we had ordered were ready for pick up. It took countless trips with the dock carts to get everything from the car to the boat (never mind the time since everyone we met had comments).  Now at least we could sit on chairs (instead of cardboard boxes) on our back porch and place our wineglasses on a table.  What good is sitting on the back porch without a drink and snack I ask you?   We were getting to look like quite the boaters day by day.   We didn't realize how we were "making do" running around in the dark since we didn't have anything on the windows.  Now we could actually turn on our lovely new lamps and not worry that everyone who passed by would know what our pjs looked like!
More excitement on this trip!  Captain Patti Moore from Seasense came to give us 2 days of training.  I should say gave me training since most everything was familiar to Tom.  He chuckled when he watched me learning to throw a line to Patti.  It was only later in the summer that I realized how very important that skill would be.  I tied enough knots to hang an elephant, no make that a circus of elephants!
By the time the 2 days of training concluded, I knew what an engine was, how to check its parts, how to steer, back up, go in a circle, (avoid other boats), and other nifty skills to know on a boat.  We didn't attempt to have me dock - Tom said his heart wasn't strong enough for that.

At the end of this trip, there was a major snowstorm in New York.  Hoping against hope, I called the airline to see if our flight had been cancelled.  No such luck, we were due to depart the next day as scheduled.  As we waited for our flight to board, a couple overheard our conversation and asked if we had a boat and was it big enough to sleep on.   I smiled and answered, something like that.  They should only see the Ralph Lauren linens, towels and pillows that were in our stateroom!  We sadly said good-bye to the sunshine of Florida as we headed for home, looking forward to our return in April.  Our next trip will be one-way - we'll be taking For Us home to New York!!!

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