Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Summer That Was

From the moment For Us arrived home to the day there was ice on the dock, I rarely missed a day aboard.  Having her so close to home was a gift.  Nearly every night after work, I would march aboard with a friend in tow, clutching whatever food struck our fancy that night.  Tom's work enabled him to visit earlier in the day, so we each had the boat to ourselves during the week.
The marina security staff soon came to know me and my entourage since we were often there until midnight (yes, even during the week and in any kind of weather).  Once aboard, it was almost impossible to drag myself off.  Upon boarding, I would open the saloon and pilothouse doors, turn on the music (which was wired throughout the boat), open the flybridge hatch and settle in with wine for a fabulous evening.  Sometimes we would watch a movie, but most times we would sit on the bow and watch the sun set and the neighborhood lights come on.  Believe me, there is nothing better than a balmy summer evening, starry sky, good friends sharing good food and drink and a Kenny G soundtrack playing on the radio to give you a glimpse of paradise!  Thank you For Us for enriching our lives!

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