Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Good Things Come to an End

Well, the day I wasn't looking forward to dawned clear and bright (as did all the days of this cruise).  The captain and I were packed except for the 2 loads of laundry still going around in the marina laundry.  While waiting for the laundry to finish, I felt a burst of enthusiasm and decided to make us a real breakfast!  Yup, real food from the previously untouched stove.  While I went up on the flybridge to start the propane flowing, Captain Patti ran for her camera.  Tom just stood there in shock, thinking surely someone had snatched away his wife and replaced her with an imposter.  Ha ha to all of you, I'm about to cook on my very own boat.  Never mind that I wouldn't even consider going anywhere near my (6-burner Viking stove) at home, this was an adventure and I love adventure! 
I hunted around my lovely galley and located a skillet (pristine in its plastic from whatever store it came from).  Okay, now for utensils...found them!  Since we actually had a few eggs in the frig (I'm sure Patti is to be thanked for them!), I decided to make omelettes.  I do a pretty good job in that department, so no big effort.  I'm not sure if the omelettes were all that good, but I did serve them up - with buttered toast and coffee.  Since the galley is so pretty, I'm sure a burnt edge here and there wasn't noticeable!
Now that breakfast was over, we had to face the fact that our departure was imminent.  The laundry was done, bags packed, personal effects stowed...Captain Patti's crew arrived very excited about their upcoming delivery cruise.  As they chatted on the back porch, I asked myself many times, "what's wrong with this picture"?  Our cab was waiting to take us to the airport, so hugs were exchanged, promises made to talk to us every day and take wonderful care of our baby girl and we were off (with tears in my eyes).
I can honestly tell you that I did a lot of thinking during that endless ride to the airport.  Though work is a necessary evil at this point in life, I vowed to not make it the driving force in my life.  Spending this week aboard our precious boat, taking life easier than we had ever done, reveling in gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and just enjoying being in the moment was a lesson in living.  Life is about the small but memorable moments - and taking the time to capture and live those moments fully.
Carpe Diem!

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