Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moved in,

Well, I'm moved in, the mountain of boxes diminished but the amount of "stuff" is still overwhelming.  I really thought I downsized when moving from the house to the first apartment - guess not as much as I thought.

My laptop refuses to connect to the internet so I'm typing away on my iPad. For the latest pictures of Olympia, please visit Kadey Krogen's website ( & go to their blog.  She looks magnificent!  I've gotten the most incredible & lovely comments from those who have seen those pictures.  There was also a mention of her in KKY's newsletter, Navaid.

I'm still making boat decisions - chose the canvas package yesterday. Going with individual window covers for the pilot house windows in spruce green to compliment the bow stripe.  Had the full wrap on Serenity but awkward to handle & no flexibility - the cover was either all on or all off.  Decided against white cause the wipers discolored the covers & were very obvious when on. The dark green blends against the dark windows.  Also will cover the side pilot house windows & got covers that attach to the Dutch doors with suction cups.  Hopefully those sleeping in the pilot house will have a small modicum of privacy - as long as the lights are off!  The wing stations will be covered as will the BBQ grill.  I detest the look of dirty white fenders so, they too will be covered  with the same fabric (Sunbrella) in forest green. Way easier to wash the fender covers than to scrub those fenders.  That effort will be directed towards keeping the power cable clean!

So, the planning continues for Olympia's christening & party (1/31/15), boxes keep arriving at KKY's office & I am counting down the days until my trip next month.  I actually packed a suitcase of summer clothes that I'll take to the boat next trip - leaves more room in the closets here for those awful winter things!

So please check out Olympia's show pictures until I get back there to send more.

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  1. Hi Bunnie,

    Glad to hear you are gaining on the move. Your color selection for your covers will be a perfect compliment. The pictures of your girl are beautiful. John told me she was a show stopper at the boat show.
    I have a product that makes cleaning electrical cables and much more a breeze. It is called Marine Strip. It is almost as easy as wipe on and wipe off. It doesn't make the cable sticky as many other cleaners do and will keep your cables looking new for years to come. I actually use it at the dealership as well for many cleaning activities when our detail department cleans vehicles. It is a miracle product. We became a distributer because we use so much of it. I can send you a quart to try. You will be amazed at how easy it will make your cleaning jobs.
    Hope you enjoy some relaxation,

    Rob,Patty and Willie