Friday, November 7, 2014

Forgive Me!

So sorry for silence/absence.

Movers coming at 8 am Monday and I haven't finished packing yet.  Making progress, but still lots of stuff to deal with.

Going to the new apartment with the cleaning girl in tow to freshen up the place tomorrow morning, then will make many trips with the stuff I want to move myself, including my outfit for the wedding I'm going to next week.  Imagine trying to find the exact dress and shoes I need after being in a new place for 5 days!?  Yikes!

Though packing is beyond onerous, I did find time to attend a Broadway play with a golf friend last night.  We saw Edward Albee's "A Delicate Balance".  It was excellent, but a little much for a Thursday night.  The play didn't end until 10:45 and we still had an hour's drive ahead of us.  I broke down and enlisted the help of Wiggles favorite rider/caretaker to help me with him tomorrow and Sunday.  Though I'll still stop to see him and fluff his stall, no riding for me this weekend.  There's only so much 1 person can accomplish in a day.  Well, not the whole's Restaurant Week on Long Island, so I'm going to a dinner with paired wines with 2 friends from my bereavement group.  I can't very well pack all day, can I?  I'd go out of my mind - along with everyone in my path.

John at KKY sent me a fantastic picture of Olympia's salon and galley that was featured in Yachting Magazine!   So exciting to see her in a real magazine.  Check out the caption under the picture.  They have good taste, cause that staircase is way cool!

I have a feeling that this will be the first of many pictures.  Wait til she's dressed in her own clothes!

Hopefully, this picture will help you forgive my absence.  I probably won't be back for awhile since my internet and wifi won't be installed until Tuesday.  If anything newsworthy happens between now and then (short of me being committed for insanity), I'll make sure you know about it.

Hang in there folks and wish me well as I embark on this move - again.

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