Friday, November 21, 2014

A Quick Hello!

Thought I'd sneak a quick post during the workday.  I have a yogurt on my desk so that any nosy passer-by will think I'm eating lunch at my desk (unfortunately that is usually the case).

So, the good news is that the decorator called to say my new salon chairs were delivered.  The bad news is that they were delivered to Huntington, not Stuart as ordered.  Since Thanksgiving is next week (yikes, when did that happen?!), the chairs probably won't be picked up and shipped til the following week.  On the up side (and in my book, there is ALWAYS an up side), the chairs might arrive while I'm still aboard Olympia with my girlfriends.  One can only hope.  Since these chairs were ordered in mid-September, I think I've nearly forgotten what they look like.  Oh goodie, I love surprises!

Philip the woodworking genius so many of us Krogenites know and love, is hard at work building window frames for my blinds on the port and starboard forward pilot house windows.  Apparently, the yard thought that the starboard window frame might bump one's shoulder as they climbed the stairs, so decided against building a window frame for that window.  On the port side, the frame couldn't be built entirely around the window due to the height of the settee cushion, so again no frame.  Enter Philip with a brilliant suggestion and voila, the frames are being built as we speak.  Now I have to get Guy from Saturday's over to measure for blinds.   Then the wait begins for the blinds to be made and shipped over from England.  So, for anyone planning to occupy the pilot house berth, you might need to re-think your choice of pjs until those windows are covered.

Now that I've moved and am somewhat settled (is one ever really settled?), I have an awesome pile of boxes labeled, "FOR BOAT, DO NOT UNPACK"  How big do I think this boat is?  There are no less than 10 such boxes in my daughter's basement (there might even be more, but I'm afraid to look too closely).  Now, the trick will be to get those boxes to the boat when Olympia is in New York and find a place for all these things I think I need.  There is nothing like the limited storage of a boat to help one whittle down possessions.  I once heard a sermon that went like this: "you spend your early years in the acquisitive stage, stockpiling possessions as fast as they can be purchased.  In the middle years, you spend hours taking care of these possessions.  During the golden years, you spend time divesting yourself of all the extra stuff gathering dust and serving no real purpose other than occupying space".  When you stop to really ponder these words, you have to see a thread of truth in them.  As a person who worked in Manhattan for most of my professional career, I had closets full of suits, blazers, heels, coats, designer shoes and purses, etc.  With the exception of the designer purses (one can't let those go, after all - they might be needed for docktails one day), those once essential items are now clothing someone else (I hope).  Now my closets are starting to look more nautical - striped shirts, quick drying shorts, ball caps, cute tops and several pairs of Sperry Topsiders for starters.

Anyway, I finished the yogurt and therefore, lost my "prop".  Back to work I go......

Have a great weekend everyone!   Not that you asked, but tonight is dinner with some barn friends. Tomorrow I'm heading into Manhattan for a museum exhibit and lunch with a friend from both grammar and high school.  Later that night, it's dinner and movie night with the girls from my bereavement group.  Sunday is the barn, a ride and a spin class.  If time, I'll try to squeeze in a mani/pedi.  A girl's gotta be well groomed at all times you know!

 If I'm not back before Thanksgiving, a beautiful holiday to you and yours.  For those of you fortunate enough to celebrate this holiday with loved ones, revel in their company (even crusty Uncle Jack) and make lifelong memories of this special day.  You'll be glad you did!

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