Monday, November 17, 2014

Almost Settled'

So, it's been a week since I moved and I'm just starting to smile again.

You'll notice (well maybe you won't) that I'm back on the laptop.  It took a village - and the help of a 15 year old - to point out that to connect to the internet, I just had to click on the little fan icon at the top of screen, enter the wifi name and password and voila - we have ignition Houston.

I think I would have figured that out in time, but time is what I don't have.  With the layers of "stuff" going on these days, it's hard to figure anything out, let alone look for little fan icons.  At least 45 boxes have found their way to wherever it is that used moving boxes go.  My closets are screaming for the organized eye of my fashionista-attorney daughter and the bare walls are begging to be dressed up.

With everything clamoring for attention, I handled the situation by going shopping.  What else does one do under the circumstances?  Since I'm literally down the road from Wiggles, he has had enough of my "popping ins".  So, off to Bed, Bath and Beyond for "staples":  over the door hooks, under the bed boxes, in the drawer organizers - AND - the set of All Clad pots I've been dreaming of!  I was heading for the check out counter with my boring set of over the door hooks when I passed an All Clad display announcing a SALE!  Be still my heart I whispered, slowing down for a quick peek.  The quick peek turned into a look of pure desire.  The look of desire turned into the need to possess these objects of beauty.  I've been pricing all the promotions from Bloomingdales, William Sonoma and BBB forever, so I was very well acquainted with prices and what came with those prices.  This was indeed a good promotion.  Before I could come to my senses, I marched to the registry and ordered a set of 8 pieces - that came with a bonus lasagna pan, Essentials of Italian Cooking cookbook and 2 red oven mitts.  The red oven mitts sealed the deal.  But wait, there's more - I used my 20% coupon and got FREE shipping!  All in all, I saved close to $200 and got the whole shebang shipped right to the boat.  So now Olympia's galley will boast the best in cookware. All I have to do now is cook!   We'll save that for another day.

The master stateroom also got treated to a beautiful comforter, set of sheets, Euro shams, standard shams and several toss pillows.  "I'll take everything on the display bed", I told the salesperson.  Again, that awesome 20% coupon and free shipping right to the boat.  By now, KKY's office must resemble a furniture warehouse - and my 2 leather club chairs haven't arrived yet!  Not quite finished, I shared the wealth and ordered twin sheet sets for the guest stateroom and another set of queen sheets for the apartment from Macy's.  I did so much shopping in one day that both Macy's and Visa called to check my sanity - specially with all the shipping to different addresses going on.  Well, at least they're paying attention.

So with all this prattling, there is not one picture to show for it, just endless words.  I promise you pictures of everything during my visit next month.  It'll be a very busy visit since I'll be moving everything out of my storage bin onto the boat, provisioning the larder (and wine fridge) and registering the boat.  I'm planning on making time to party with the KKY folks already ensconced in their winter slips (lucky devils) and acquainting myself with that scary engine room.

Several folks have been aboard Olympia since she returned from FLIBS and the words used to describe her are always similar - "stunning" is the most frequently occurring, followed by "gorgeous", "beautiful", "humongous salon and galley area" and "wow".   All these words are music to my ears as I puff with pride like a new mom.

Please feel free to make an appointment to see my beautiful new girl if you happen to find yourself in Stuart.  Better still, if you're in the neighborhood next month, stop by to say hello.  I'll be at Apex Marina until January 1st, right down the road from KKY.

Thanks for your patience during my dry spell this past week.  Moving is overrated and I promise myself to move no more - that is, after my move onto Olympia.

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