Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Belle of the Ball

As is customary whenever Serenity is in town, there is always a lot going on around her.  I'm sure our B dock neighbors at Sunset Bay Marina wonder if we have money to burn (we certainly don't).

Our caretaker, Laura and other dock neighbors have taken it upon themselves to report on all activity related to the care and feeding of Serenity.

Since we left her a month ago, she has been cleaned inside (including having her 2 showers not only washed, but waxed).  I don't think I ever heard of waxing shower stalls, but that's what we (she) got.  Our maintenance person has been aboard more than several times to check all her post-trip systems (he hasn't stopped raving about her "innards") and perform all her routine PM -  and yesterday, the outside cleaning crew was trying to find things to wax on her already gleaming hull.  While we were in Stuart laying out our marching orders for Serenity's care, the outside cleaning person finally burst out, "but I don't see any scratches".  You and I know he is right, but there is no arguing with the captain when it comes to all things Serenity.

Our caretaker (an aeronautical engineer) has been taking his job very seriously - he visits our girl at least 2x a week and scours every inch of her at each visit.   He too is amazed at how meticulously she is cared for - and he sees a lot of boats.  His reports have a lot of exclamation points.

I almost hate to go aboard and live on her and create little dust bunnies.  But no worries, as soon as we leave the inside cleaning crew will descend on Serenity once again - brushes, wax and other stuff at the ready.

We are now in countdown mode for our trip to Stuart and beloved Serenity.   A whole month without seeing her and being aboard has not been easy to deal with.  I've looked ahead at the 10 day forecast to see if some stupid snow might dare to delay our trip.  Snow apparently got the message and decided not to interfere.

I'm looking forward to updating you on our trip and adventures.

Oh one more thing - thought you might like to take a peek at Serenity's future captain - he's growing in leaps and bounds.  Tucker at 19 1/2 months is gorgeous!

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