Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Beginning to Feel Like Home

By Thursday, the captain and I have fallen into a wonderful routine - I can really get used to this lifestyle.  We are being taken to lunch to a beachfront restaurant where seafood reigns.  There is something magical about sitting in this glorious restaurant, far from our usual hustle and bustle, enjoying a wonderful lunch with friends.

The sun continues to put on its best for us - warm temps, blue skies, a cooling breeze...need I go on?  While enjoying our morning coffee, our dock neighbor walked by wearing a backpack.  Upon closer scrutiny, we saw his Yorkie Sailor, inside the backpack.  It had a solid bottom and mesh top so Sailor could catch a breeze and look out.  They were both returning from their haircut appointments.  I love to see folks enjoying their animals and taking them everywhere.  It seems that "boating" animals are as laid back and adaptable as their human owners.  I tell you, it's all about being near the water that brings out the best in everyone, animals and humans alike!

After lunch, I took care of some marina business while Tom headed back to Serenity.  She doesn't like being alone too long when we're in town, so off Tom went to keep her happy.  I decided that since we'll be returning to the hectic pace of our New York lifestyle all too soon, we should spend the balance of the day with our respective books.   Serenity is the one place I actually sit still for a decent amount of time.  I pulled a footstool out of the salon, turned up the music, got a cold drink and settled into my comfy deck chair with my (very good) book.

Eating out nearly every night gets old after awhile.   Since Serenity's freezer was still bursting, Tom offered to barbecue on the flybridge.  We had a simple dinner on the flybridge and took in another magnificent sunset.  Back to our books, some TV, star gazing and bed.

Who couldn't celebrate life in these surroundings?

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