Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twas the day after Christmas.....

.......and I'm missing Serenity.

I've often criticized people who place great emphasis on inanimate objects - I've become one of those people!  While I certainly don't place Serenity above family, friends and pets, she does have an unusually deep meaning to me.

This outpouring of feeling was sparked by a gift from a very thoughtful and dear friend when we did our Secret Santa exchange last week.  She had gotten me a very soft and luxurious throw - not just any throw, but one in a deep navy (one of Serenity's "colors") AND with Serenity embroidered in a corner in beautiful script.

So why have I waited a week to tell you about these feelings?  Like just about everyone on this planet, I had too much to accomplish in way too little time......soooo, this is my first opportunity to get back to normal.  Luckily as I write this, our trip to Stuart is not too far in the distant future.  In fact, my Lands End tote (with the name For Us embroidered on it) is sitting by my chair, waiting to receive the throw.  It gives me great pleasure to toss things into that tote 'cause it means we're Serenity-bound shortly.  With the way the weather looks (and sounds) right now, I'm glad Serenity is where it's warm and where she doesn't have cold, blustery wind tugging at her lines.

I know my blogs are all about this incredible boat we love, but I couldn't resist including a few pictures of our beloved Tucker who is old enough to help us remember what Christmas is all about.  We celebrated at our daughter's beautiful home so that Tucker could be with his toys - part 1 of the present extravaganza opening was at our house Christmas Eve.  We've gone overboard (no pun intended) since Christina was Tucker's age, so why stop now?  How can you resist this angel?
Watching a child discover the magic of Christmas is one of life's highlights, don't you agree?
Imagine how incredible it must be to find a tree growing in your nana's living room, of all places!
My sister sent him a yellow Tonka dump truck complete with this yellow hardhat.  It was hard to separate Tucker from his hardhat - when he wasn't pushing his truck around, he was wearing his hat!

This gift being unwrapped by Tucker won the approval of all the adults who have become loyal viewers of Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Junior network - it was Bucky, the friendly ship of Jake and his mates.  Once opened, all the adults in the room were prompted to sing the refrain we've heard countless times.  We all had a good laugh at each other.

I hope you haven't minded this digression from my usual fare, but with a grandson this adorable, I just had to show him off!

Enjoy the remainder of the holiday season.  As the end of 2012 approaches and the dawn of 2013 waits in the wings, I wish you all a new year filled with peace, good health, pure joy and the love of family and friends.  Happy New Year everyone!

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