Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magnificent Monday

January 14, 2013

Another gorgeous day in paradise!

The captain and I enjoyed our morning coffee on Serenity's aft deck in brilliant (warm) sunshine.  As we planned the day, we kept getting interrupted with hellos and waves to passing dock neighbors.  This is one of the friendliest marinas we have ever stayed at.  Everyone wants to know how long we're staying, where we're cruising, etc.  They are all visibly shocked when we say we're leaving Saturday, still working, not cruising anywhere special til the summer, etc.  Their shock reminds me to get going with Plan A.  More on Plan A in the future.

Our social schedule here is not too different from being home, but better!  As I was getting dressed, Laura called to re-arrange our lunch plans for the following day.  After hanging up, I thought, wait, I'll bring lunch to her instead.  Back on the phone to re-arrange the day again.  This time, we settled on me picking her up at the office and going to Panera for a quick salad.  Even eating a salad outside at Panera is a wonderful adventure.  The operative word here is "outside".

After dropping Laura off at her office and parking the car at the marina, I decided to take a walk along Stuart's RiverWalk into downtown.

What a pretty walk.  The walk begins at Sailor's Return, the restaurant adjacent to the marina; one section goes into downtown Stuart where the cutest shops and restaurants are located.

 I meandered the streets, stopping in many shops to chat with whomever wanted to chat (that's a shock).  Stuart is small town, but rich in the arts, parks, theater, restaurants, shops, etc.  You can actually walk around since cars are limited and don't try to run you over.

...and just pretty things to look at.

After several hours of shopping and chatting, I headed back to the marina.  The office looked so pretty in the sun, and so tropical, I just had to take this picture...

By the time I got back to Serenity, Tom was looking a bit wild-eyed.  I had invited a couple we had just met for cocktails.  He was worried I had forgotten and that he would have to become the host(ess) with the mostest - LOL.  We both forget that this place called Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, FL moves to a different beat than the one to which we've become indentured servants.  If folks say they'll come by around 4:30, that means 4:30 or 5 pm - no big deal.  Our company arrived at 4:40, I had snacks and drinks ready and - let the party begin!  We had a wonderful time getting to know each other better and enjoying each other's company.

After cocktails, it was off to dinner in downtown Stuart with another couple.  We feasted on freshly caught dolphin (not real dolphin, but mahi mahi) and local produce.  We shared a bottle of wonderful Montepulchiano - we were happy!  The restaurant was crowded for a Monday, but we were reminded that this is the height of the "season" in sunny Florida.

Walking back to the boat (this time we remembered the code to the gate), Tom and I can't help but think that life is indeed very, very good.

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