Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There's a Nor'easter on our Doorstep!

A mere 9 days after Hurricane Sandy punished Long Island for some yet to be determined transgression, her little sister arrived to take another swipe at us.  Sometime around midday, I looked out of my office window to see slushy snow accumulating on car roofs and grassy areas.  Several hours later, the wind started howling and the snow cover extended to the streets.  The weather deteriorated to the  point where parts of the infamous Long Island Expressway was closed and the LIRR suspended service.  Homes with newly restored power lost it again, and we were plunged into dark chaos once again.   I was by now waiting for the biblical locusts to descend.  What else could Mother Nature throw at us?

Though our power was restored this morning, I cautioned Tom that we should remain aboard Serenity throughout the storm since our home is subject to power loss in anything more than a breeze.  Besides, there is not a morsel of food or any sort of goodie to be found at the homestead since everything was moved aboard last week.  I'm sure despite his better judgement, Tom returned to the boat after ensuring our cat Zoe's comfort and safety.

Since I again drove to work with one of the company's partners, we did a little gas search on the way home.  The search (fruitless) and the horrific road conditions turned a 25 minute trip into a nearly 1 hour ordeal. The roads were scary - slippery and dark.  Downed trees and wires made the trip even more precarious.  By the time we arrived at the marina, the tide was rising and the wind was gusting to 60 mph.  I have to confess that as I made my way down the dock, I was truly scared witless.  Though the dock lights were on, the wind was gusting to a point that I felt I might be blown off the dock into the rapidly rising water.  The black, roiling water was a mere inches from the dock that was now covered in a slippery slush.  I bent down, mincing my steps, nervously glancing at the rising water.  By the time I reached the mid-point, my heart was hammering in my chest and my breath was sounding ragged in my ears.  I can't remember the last time I was so very frightened for my safety.  By now, I picked up my pace to a trot and soon saw Serenity's welcoming lights beckoning me to just come a bit farther to safety.  By the time I literally jumped into the cockpit, my legs were trembling.  I burst into the warm salon where Tom was waiting for me with a warm dinner and wonderful 2007 Barolo.

As I type this blog, the wind sounds like something in agony.  Things are banging around all around us (hope it's nothing expensive).  Serenity is rocking, but I am not in the least bit uneasy.  Serenity has always protected us and she will continue to do so.  Having trouble with my wifi, so will sign off now. Be safe everyone who lives in this godforsaken part of the world!

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