Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3 Without Serenity

The crew arrived in Liberty Landing on Saturday afternoon, around 1:30.  I think they planned to get there early enough to settle in for the football games on Serenity's 42" flat screen HD TV.

To be fair, they were up early and had the lines off before most of us were up Sunday morning.   Serenity made great progress, all the way to Cape May, though the seas were "sloppy", according to the men.   Tom kept re-assuring me that with 1-2' seas with whitecaps on Serenity's nose, I wouldn't have had fun.  I would have liked to make that determination myself, but I know when to give up the fight.  They essentially put in an 18 hour day Sunday, not anchoring until nearly 10 pm.  Poor guys told me it was too late to cook themselves dinner.  I couldn't resist the comeback that if I was aboard, they would have had a gourmet feast waiting for them.  Tee hee.

This morning found them at the entrance to the C & D Canal, with their destination, Solomons Islands where the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous was held last month.  They have been blessed with fair weather, permitting an extended offshore run.  As I write this, I'm waiting for my next update on their progress.  I think they have Norfolk, VA in their sights for tomorrow.

I've been told that my beloved sunflowers in their gorgeous antique vase are a PITA.  Not happy to hear this.  They were relegated to the cockpit to get out of the way.

 That's men for you - no sense of esthetics.  I did warn that if anything happened to either the flowers or vase, they would be sent on an extended shopping trip until a replacement that satisfied me could be found.  I can tell you now (and I told them), I will be inconsolable and not happy with any replacement.  Silence at the other end of the phone, by the way.

Just received my last position update of the day.  The "boys" are tied up in Chesapeake City.  They had a nice dinner and are watching football.  Sounds like just what the doctor ordered after a couple of long days at sea.  I'll be back with their next adventures.

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