Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Only Tuesday, but it feels like Friday!

I love living aboard Serenity, but it's incongruous to be leaving the boat every morning dressed for work.  This morning, I was outfitted in a cute grey heathered  dress, complete with black tights and black Coach ballet flats (my pearls were hidden beneath my winter jacket).   A nice-looking man toting several fishing rods passed me going the opposite way - I tell you, he looked me up and down, not once, but twice!  Can't imagine what he was thinking, but it was clear it's not a common sight on that dock to see anyone dressed that way.

Getting even more creative in devising ways to get to work without a car (on Long Island, this is like trying to fly without wings), I resorted to the infamous Long Island Rail Road.  Again traveling with one of my company's partners, I drove to his house (which is close to the marina), jumped into his wife's car so she could drop us off at the train station, just 3 miles away and hop onto the train (after shivering in the cold for what seemed like an eternity until the train arrived).  Less than 20 minutes later, we were in the Hicksville train station, our office building in sight.  Not so bad after all.

That sentiment was short-lived.  We arrived on the cold platform for the 5:37 home, only to be greeted with the announcement that our train was 6 minutes late due to "signal problems".  That's LIRR lingo for "we don't know why the train is late, it just is."  Several minutes later, the announcement increased the delay time to 7 minutes.  Oh oh we thought, we could be here all night.  Moments later, the headlights of our train were visible in the darkness - I guess they got their "signal problems" fixed.

The train was standing room only, but at least we were aboard and on our way home.  I had a dinner date with the captain, so I was anxious to get in my car and head to the restaurant.  Foiled again.
As I turned onto the main road, I was greeted by the flashing lights of many police cars.  Oh no, now what for heaven's sake?  I actually used a more strongly worded question, but this is a blog for nice people, so I'll restrain myself.  I immediately regretted my thoughts as a police office stopped the car ahead of me to have a brief conversation.  He was apparently stopping each motorist to advise us that a police officer had been involved in a serious hit and run accident earlier that day.  They were anxious to know if we had any information and that if we did hear anything, to report it to the local police precinct.  What an awful thing in the middle of such misery for so many people.

As I write this, we are still without power (day 8) and my gas gauge is even closer to the 1/4 mark.  In between discussing the election returns, we are hearing dire warnings of the coming nor'easter which is now promising us strong winds and a dusting of slushy snow, thanks to the ridiculously cold temps for this time of year.  When hearing that we are still living on the boat, concerned co-workers ask how we will get through the coming storm.  I can honestly reassure them that if Serenity could handle hurricane force winds, a nor'easter would be an inconvenience, but nothing more (we hope).

Here's hoping that the coming days bring power, gas and more hospitable temperatures.  I'll let you know how we weather the coming storm.  Please stand by.

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