Monday, January 5, 2015

She's Home!

Happy New Year everyone!  Olympia and I send our warmest wishes for a new year filled with good health, blissful happiness, uproarious good times, smashing success - and the love of family and good friends.

What a start to 2015 - Olympia arrived at her winter home Saturday!  She's safely settled - bow in - on C dock in slip C-2 at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, FL.  She's excited to be there since many of her "sister" Krogens are also there.  She is impatiently waiting for the parties to begin!

Her arrival was anticipated and greeted by many well wishers.  Among the well wishers were those who were absolutely bursting to see Krogen's newly designed 55' Expedition.  Olympia did not disappoint!

In just less than 3 weeks, I will be reunited with the subject of my dreams for so long.  I'll be flying into West Palm as usual, but this time, I'm heading to Riviera Beach for the last day of Trawler Fest.  The plan is for Olympia to head back to Stuart at first light on Monday - with yours truly at the helm.  Of course there will be a cast of "helpers", but the helm will be mine!

I found out that the chairs I ordered for the salon on September 13th were finally delivered - not to KKY's office as planned, but to Apex Marina.  After a few phone calls, all was well - Tom Button went to Apex to retrieve the chairs, which are now safely stored until they can be brought aboard.  I'm delighted that they'll be there for my visit.  At last another place to sit other than the settee!  Things are falling into place.  I arranged for Olympia's spa schedule so that she will always be gleaming and also arranged to have her generator oil changed - we're already at 53 whole hours!

Since not much will be happening until my visit at the end of this month, I ask your indulgence for this unavoidable dry spell.  If the marina's Wifi cooperates, I promise to regale you with the happenings of my visit - which by the way will culminate with a memorial service for Tom and Olympia's christening.

What a time it will be!


  1. Congrats and Happy New Year!

    Did you get AIS on the boat? grin - more pics of the engine room please!

    1. Yes I did John - both send and receive.
      Engine room pics are on a previous blog, can't remember where. If you can't find them, pls. let me know. Also, if you give me an email address, I can send directly to you. Bunnie