Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Productive Week is in the Rearview Mirror

This past week culminated in the receipt of the drawings promised by KKY (they always deliver what they promise).  A hectic week at work prevented me from trying to scan a legible copy but I promise to try this week.  Though the pics I took just now are not that clear, you can at least get an idea.

The drawings are very exciting since they pretty clearly depict what the sink and galley faucet will look like in place.  I'm pleased that they work and that I don't have to go back to the websites and start over.

Hard to really see any detail, but you can see the faucet in the center.  This is the faucet up close...

We also received color drawings of what the accent and boot stripe colors look like.  The captain had a big smile on his face when he looked at the drawings.  The sheer stripe color in green looks awesome above the blue boot stripe.  Though I know the boot stripe is pretty much below the water line, it still looks fantastic!  Hey, we have to be excited about what we have so far - and the drawings are it!

This is not in color.  I don't understand why the background is so dark, but too late to figure out why.  I'll try to upload the color drawings to this computer since they're on the computer at work.  But again, you can get the idea...

Our Laura was kind enough to chat with me about granite colors during our many, many, many emails back and forth during the course of a week.  Not only did she chat with me, but after carefully listening about the granite colors we like, sent us a nice-sized chunk of the color (it's still available, yay)!  To go even further, she also sent a big piece of the cherry that will be used on the boat - and not just any cherry, but aged cherry so we could get the most precise idea of the combo over time.  Not sure if you can tell, but the granite is a gray-green, very cool against the cherry.  I'm not a fan of light colored granite with a lot of inclusions, too busy.  Tom and I both like a bit more contrast.  Not sure if the heads will have the same color, but for now, this color is coming out on top.  Nothing final yet, but we're on our way!

Though the photos are not great, it's better than having to wade through my rambling descriptions and deal with all those words on a page.  There will be more photos and better ones, as things start to take shape.

The captain and I have been talking names these past 2 weekends.  We both seem to tend towards a single name with 4-5 syllables.  Some of our suggestions have been in ending in "y".  Probably because we loved our signature blue star nestled in the "y" of Serenity so much.  I guess you guys are waiting for a prize to be announced since I have not received a single suggestion.  Come on, please help us out!

By the way, we still have not gotten a signed contract on the house.  We're hoping that happens this week.   Not too much going on....

Even though there wasn't too much to report in this post, I feel badly if I let a week go by with no updates.  So, I'll be back as soon as there are some interesting tidbits to share.

Have a great week everyone!

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