Sunday, July 14, 2013

More details!

We're a bit closer to the central vacuum issue, but now mired down in sink choices!  Just pick one urges the captain.  How hard can this be?

Doesn't he know the difference between an under mount and top mount?   Composite, e-granite, Corian, stainless?  Single bowl?  Double bowl?  Rounded corners? Square corners?  Drain centered or off center?

As if these choices aren't enough to cause a few lost eyebrow hairs, we need to select faucets!  Again the bewildered look from the captain when I show him my inch-thick printout of faucets.  Mind you, these are marine-grade faucets, so the choices should be a bit less awesome, no?  No!  I can't even begin to describe the different faucets out there.  So that you don't think I can't make up my mind (I do an nice job, thank you very much when pressed against the wall), but I am having a bit of fun here if you don't mind.  We've narrowed the field down to a faucet with a single lever that has an arched neck.  Those of you who are Italian know this sort of faucet is essential for getting a pot of water filled to boil enough pasta for the army that might arrive on the dock when Sunday dinner is being prepared.  The faucet will be stainless and swivel so that the entire sink can be rinsed without going through contortions.  So what's so bad about that choice so far?  Brushed stainless or shiny? the captain asks.  Can't you see I've already moved on to that mile high stack of sink information I ask with just a touch of impatience.

Sorry I don't have any pictures yet.  I'd crash my Mac and surely run out of gigabytes if I showed you what I'm wrestling with.  It will be worth the wait when the sink/faucet saga comes to an end.  But wait, there are the faucets for the master and guest heads!  Oh oh, I think I just heard the captain hit the deck.  I may need to make these choices on my own...

We've now tiptoed into color selection for the bow stripe and bottom.  Thankfully, the paint manufacturer is wise and offers less than 25 color choices.  Nevertheless, there are MANY shades of blue and green (which is where we're leaning) to consider.  Who would have guessed?  At 8 am yesterday, the captain and I were tossing around names of colors like we've done this before. If I were a fly on the wall, I would fall down laughing at the absurdity of it.  But, since we're not flies, we continue to ponder, fret, sweat and best of all, laugh.

The electronics package we're considering would make NASA smile.  From what I can see, if 55-005 were a rocket, we could get it to the moon and back just on what will go in the pilothouse.  If you think the sink and faucet decision is a tough one, the electronics decision will put goosebumps on your entire body.  Fortunately there is a limiting factor in this decision - THE PRICE!!!  This is one area where sanity MUST prevail or we will be on the dock with a cup begging for alms.  The captain has volunteered (stated strongly) that this is his baby and he will "suggest" what we will have.  I may step to the side here since I just want the helm to look nice and have the instrument panel give us the information we need to get places.  I did ask for a remote control for the Sirius radio though.  On Serenity, we had to go to the helm to change stations. Not a big deal by any stretch, but when we're 100, it might prove to be an inconvenience to keep getting up and down to change those dance tunes.

So to sum this week's decisions up:  central vac or not, sinks, faucets, paint color, and whatever else we are blissfully unaware of at this point.  The electronics package is a work in progress, as is a host of a 100 other things.

Since we're trying to get our house sold while these decisions are pending, we're a bit busy these days.  It's all good, so please hang in there with us.

The best is yet to come!

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