Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Wait is Over!

True to Southwest's remarkable on-time record, we arrived in sunny Stuart at 10 am.  Yes, we were in the car at 4:45 am (the captain believes in punctuality) and in the airport by 5:20, but so what, we were on our way to Serenity.  We were more than happy to do what had to be done to leave this scene behind us....

Forty five long minutes later, we were removing a cone from a restaurant parking space and pulling into a parking space at the marina - like we owned the place.  Well, we kind of do I think.  We pay our monthly slip fee including a hefty electric usage fee even though we're only aboard a week each month, actually more like every other month.  Anyway, we're happy to provide a nice "home" for Serenity.  She's in the company of other well-loved boats.

After getting settled (it's sooo good to be home), I was off to pick up Laura for a long, catch up lunch.  After lunch, it was time to get our provisions, which included a trip to Publix and last, but certainly not least, the liquor store, aptly named Total Wine.  I actually felt like a local.  I knew how to get to the stores and found my way up and down the aisles.

It was after 4 when I finally got back to the boat - and an impatient captain.  Holy cow, it's cocktail time already!  If we were home, we'd still be at work!  The sun was shining, was a bit breezy, but at 72 degrees, it was heaven!  The Floridians that walked by Serenity were bundled in fleeces and couldn't believe I was in shorts.  When I explained we had just come from New York, there were nods of understanding.

Dinner was early - it was a long day, even by Serenity's standards.  We turned in early, but not before taking in an awesome sunset.  Remember, the name of our marina is Sunset Bay after all!

A whole week of this lies ahead!  How will we manage?????

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