Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 1 in Paradise

Wow, how great is it to not wake up to an obscenely early alarm clock???  How great is it to wake to a bright, sunny, and warm day in mid-March.  FANTASTIC, I assure you!  It's amazing how little time it takes to adjust to living the good life aboard our beloved boat.

After breakfast, I left the captain basking in the sun while taking a dock walk.  We were scheduled for a 10 am meeting with some folks, so it was time to go.  Temperature was high 60s, sunny and breezy - perfect for walking and trying not to stare at all the beautiful boats in the marina.  I couldn't resist taking some pics of Serenity from various vantage points during my walk.  I also want to show off the weather a bit to my friends stranded in NY!

Took this picture from another dock in the marina.  Serenity is to the left of the boat with the orange life raft on the foredeck...

Here she is from across the way on A dock - you can see her stern between the boats.  If you look closely, you can see the captain soaking up some rays.

The day was so pretty.  I kept walking and taking pics of lovely sights in the marina.  I guess all the bright sun had quite an effect on me!  When you're from NY, this is the tropics!

A gentle reminder of where we actually are...  Notice the lack of snow and gray skies!

A Krogen friend joined us for dinner tonight.  Every meal aboard a Krogen when 2 or more Krogenites are gathered together (sounds like a passage from the Scriptures), begins with good food and drink.  On the table we have wine, a rum and Coke and sensational baked Brie (yes, I figured out to use that fancy Viking oven) accompanied by French crostini.  There's nothing like the prospect of luscious baked Brie to galvanize me into spinning those pesky oven dials!  Though not in the picture, this wonderful beginner course was followed by filet mignons on the grill (got it started after I pushed the 3rd and last button in the sequence) and a salad of mixed greens grown less than a mile from the boat.  Beat that in NY in March!   Don't forget the wine and biscotti.  Tomorrow will be another day of vigorous walking which will definitely need to extend beyond the confines of the marina!

Off to bed.   Gotta get ready to greet a day that promises even warmer temps, brilliant skies and lots of fun.  Sigh......

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