Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Ride is Over for Now

Yesterday was no less hectic than the others before it.

While the captain sat out the dance, I traipsed off to the Krogen Tuesday breakfast at Key West Diner, and was the first to arrive at 8:20.  Soon after, the others trailed in until there were about 20 of us.  Attendance was a far cry from the breakfast we attended in January when 39 Krogenites gathered.  These hardy and lucky people are on their way to places we read about in guidebooks: the Keys, Bahamas, Exumas, Turks and Caicos, Cheaspeake, Maine, etc.  The migration north begins about now and reverses itself in late October - early November.

After breakfast, the captain and I took a drive, then headed back to Serenity where Debbie awaited me. We were heading to lunch with Laura, and shopping afterward.  I barely had time to change my clothes before Debbie was texting me that she was waiting at the top of the dock for me.  Off we sped to meet Laura for a fun BBQ lunch.  Yes I know, BBQ is not even on my radar, let alone lunch plate.  However, when in Stuart............

Lunch was followed by some errands not unique to Stuart: Pet Smart, Ulta, Starbucks.  After completing our errands, the sun was getting hotter, so we decided to head back to Serenity for an afternoon "refreshment".  Laura and Gary were joining us for cocktails aboard, then dinner, so we had to move quickly to get our initial cocktail hour in.  We managed to sit still for about 90 minutes (which was a record for this week).  Never mind that while we were sitting "still", I completed 4 loads of laundry that had been started in the late morning that day.

Laura and Gary arrived at 6:30 and the fun began.   We took in another glorious sunset (I won't bore you with anymore sunsets) with the girls really getting into the view on the flybridge.  Deb and Laura getting into the moment...

Laura and I getting into the moment.  Notice the summer clothes and the sunshine, even close to 7 pm!

Soon afterwards, we headed up the dock to the restaurant that has become either our "first or last day on the boat" stop, Sailors Return.  So convenient, especially when the cupboards are bare (not really, but who wants to root through cabinets at these times)?  I'm sure many of you recognized the place.  Nevertheless, it always looks magical to those of us from less warm climates.  Something about palm trees uplit with soft lighting and boats resting on water as still as glass while the sun meets the horizon.  I don't think I'll ever tire of that view.

It was back to the boat for dessert, then we called it a night.  We have an early day tomorrow with much to accomplish before our flight heads back to MacArthur Airport.

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