Friday, January 21, 2011

Setting Sail for our Last Port of Call - Port Jefferson

After a not too leisurely breakfast (once the captain decides we're ready to leave, we ARE leaving!), we were on our way back across the Sound to Port Jefferson (locals refer to it as Port Jeff).  I was delighted to be able to help Tom plot our course (actually in the right direction - AND around the obvious sand bar)!  This was going to be a long ride, so I got set up on the flybridge with music, food, a good book and lots of pillows.  If the captain noticed that I was not in "co-captain" mode, he was smart enough not to say anything. Though we did have 5 ft. seas for most of our trip, our trusty trawler kept us comfortable and safe.

 We had a lovely ride across the Sound, smug in knowing we had secured a prime slip for the night.  During the course of all these trips to different marinas, I kept a journal about each location.  I decided to also make note of  slip numbers and whether or not I would ask for that slip again.  This information was invaluable in the case of Pt. Jeff since the marina shares the water with the Cross Sound Ferry between Port Jeff and Bridgeport, CT.  There are 2 ferries that criss-cross the Sound all day creating not only noise, but nasty washes.  During our July 4th stay, we were closer than I liked to the ferry dock, so I made a note to not stay there again.  This time our slip was perfect - just on the other side of the dock from a 120 ft. mega yacht.  For Us was not in least cowed by this behemoth, instead she just waggled her stern at the passersby who inevitably stopped to admire her.

We did have a small adventure during our approach to the marina.  As we were making our turn to enter the inlet, looming ahead of us was the ferry, looking like a giant cargo ship at this point.  To Tom's credit, he calmly held his course turning away enough to not get caught in the ferry's wash, but giving us enough room on the starboard side to clear the rocks lined up like a welcoming committee.  Though my knuckles were white, the captain was a cool customer.  Glad it was him at the helm!

As usual, our stay was lovely.  Port Jeff is a cute seaside town within walking distance of the marina.  It's streets are lined with wonderful shops and restaurants.  There is a large hotel affiliated with the marina that offers its amenities to those in the marina.  Just before sunset, Tom and I made our way to the hotel's back deck and secured a table with an unobstructed view of the western sky.  With cocktails in hand, we enjoyed nature's artistry and toasted For Us yet again.   Later that evening, I did what I do every night aboard.  After reading for a bit, I turned off the lights on the back porch, sat back in my chair and reveled in what had been given to me.  There is nothing more peaceful and gratifying than to be on your own beautiful boat on a warm summer evening under a starlit sky and be able to appreciate that very moment.  Though I was sad that this idyllic time was coming to an end, I perked up when I realized that this is just the beginning of everything.

The next morning we set off for home - planning our next trip along the way.    As we approached our home slip, our fabulous dock neighbors were there to greet us (and help me with the lines).  What a perfect ending to a perfect trip!

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