Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ahoy Matey, Is It Land That I See?

So a new week aboard begins as we make our way for Greenport.  As I mentioned in the previous post, Mitchell Park Marina, a town-owned marina in the heart of this quaint east end village, was the setting for our first sighting of a trawler.  On display was a 44' and a 48', both of which appeared huge and intimidating to us at that time (more on later much later).  We enjoyed a smooth cruise under cloudless azure skies (you might get bored with my descriptions of these glorious days, but when a trip is built around the weather, it can never be boring - or taken for granted!).  After a bit of a tough docking (our trawler backs to starboard and the finger was port side to), we were tied up and ready for adventure.  Oh wait, the captain reminded me that we have our chores and no one goes anywhere until the chores are done.  I reminded him not to deplete the town's water supply this time - a quick wash would do the trick.  We had a quick lunch at our little bistro table on the back porch and I was ready to go.  Since the captain despises shopping and shopping is what I was set on doing, off I went while Tom settled in for a relaxing read.

My first stop was a ride on the carousel right in the marina.  Though I didn't catch the brass ring, I loved riding my trusty steed with all the other passengers (none older than 5 years old).  Then it was off to the venerable Preston's where I spied the perfect print for our pilothouse.  After chatting with everyone who worked in the store (and the patrons who wandered in), I was off to my next stop - the farmer's market.  I simply HAD to have a bunch of fresh sunflowers for our back porch.  I was a woman on a mission!  So now I'm staggering along Main Street with a print under one arm and the biggest (and heaviest) bunch of sunflowers you ever did see!  Several people cast odd looks in my direction, but who cares, I had my treasures.  Back to the boat I went, excited to show Tom what I had found in such a short time.
Tom was more surprised at the brevity of my trip than with what I purchased, but his eyes lit up when he saw the print (not the best photo, but it's the best I can do).

 While he was still happy, I announced that I was heading back to town for more shopping.  After a very hot afternoon, I headed back to the boat for one of the best times of the day in boating - cocktail
hour on the back porch.  For those of you who don't understand my penchant for the back porch, it is one of most fabulous features of a Kadey Krogen yacht.  The back porch is a covered expanse of teak flooring and shiny capstrip where we placed 2 comfortable chairs that did all sorts of things.  Music streamed through speakers mounted on the ceiling, shaded sun filtered in, the water lapped gently against (a very clean) hull....all is well with the world.  After lobster and a fabulous Jamesport white
wine at Claudio's, we literally hit the sack.  The one thing about boating that takes a bit getting used to... sometimes the most wonderful evenings need to end sooner rather than later, especially when on a
 trip.  Dawn comes very early in the summer, believe me!

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