Thursday, January 13, 2011

And the Beat (Engine) Goes On...........

Another glorious day in paradise!  We left Greenport to head across the Sound to Old Saybrook for the next couple of days.  Doesn't this sound incredible?  Unlike a land-based home with its annoying necessities, a trawler is a home with waterfront property, no grass to cut, no taxes to pay and neighbors who can be gotten rid of in a heartbeat.  So on this beautiful morning, we took our waterfront property to discover a new town, new restaurants and the opportunity to show off For Us to yet another group of admirers.  This time Plum Gut didn't scare me - it was its usual roiling self, but I knew our girl would go through it without even sloshing our morning mugs of coffee.  The cruise was magnificent, complete with a couple of quaint lighthouses along the way.

When we finally reached Old Saybrook Marina, it was early afternoon (we're a trawler, remember?).  The marina was quite a maze as we managed to nip and tuck among docked boats - down this row, around this corner - to our assigned slip.  Tom did an incredibly wonderful job of piloting us to our slip.  Since it was quite windy (and I must have sounded like a real neophyte when I called for dockhands), the marina manager himself arrived to help with the tie up.  Guess he wanted to be sure there were no mishaps or marine disasters.  He must have been congratulating himself on his wisdom after I tried to adjust a starboard fender.  As soon as I told him all was well, swoosh! and the fender fell off the flybridge rail - luckily onto the dock and not into the drink.  Those pesky clove hitch knots - they get you every time! 

Old Saybrook is a hotel and spa with lovely amenities.  Me being me, I had to scope out every amenity - of course after my chores.  There seem to be more of them each time we dock at a new marina.  I wonder if the captain thinks I'm not noticing?  Anyway, I spent some lovely time at the pool, arranged for a ride into town the next day and made dinner reservations at a beautiful restaurant (Terra Mar) overlooking the marina.  The next day I took myself into town for a shopping trip (the captain suddenly made himself very "busy").  The highlight of this visit was finding an antique sangria pitcher - for my Greenport sunflowers!  The pitcher and flowers caught the eye of everyone who passed For Us.  Imagine my joy at being able to gloat not only about my find, but how perfectly it suited the boat - and oh, by the way, let me tell you about the boat............  Needless to say, the captain became even "busier" during these interludes!  The two days at Old Saybrook passed way too quickly and we soon found ourselves planning for our final destination - Port Jefferson, back across the Sound.

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