Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.......

So I wasn't kidding when I said we were selling everything to realize our dream of living aboard a Kadey Krogen Yacht.  We hope to close on October 10th (coincidentally our anniversary) and move on October 11th.  So please don't be upset that there hasn't been much boat news.

Today my daughter sent a mover to collect some things we both wanted her to have.  One of those items was a set of bookcases that I swear, held well over 150 books and pictures.  Those books are now on the floor of our office, spines facing out as per the instructions of the pro who is doing our tag sale on October 5th.  It took a herculean effort over 2 nights (after work, after playing with Tucker and taking care of Wiggles) to accomplish this seemingly simple feat.  When it comes to moving, I've discovered that nothing is simple, seemingly or otherwise.

On Monday (9/9), my sister in Wake Forest, NC is sending a mover to pick up some family heirloom pieces and rugs, along with assorted other things.  One of the pieces is a secretary that has been in our family for decades.  In fact, both my sister and I studied to be nurses at that secretary.  Remember how I said nothing is simple?  Well, this secretary holds my Waterford crystal collection of just about every glass Waterford made in the Alana pattern.  So as soon as I finish this post, I will begin to wrap each glass VERY carefully and mark the box so that I know not to open it until we're finally moved onto the boat.  What, you thought we'd be drinking out of plastic glasses?????  The drawers of this piece hold tablecloths, candles, and other assorted items for entertaining.  Some will be packed and others will be relegated to the tag sale pile.

The thought of what getting ready for this tag sale entails makes my knees weak.  It takes a lot to do that, so you can just imagine the work that lies ahead.  We've lived in this house 1 month shy of 28 years and though we're not pack rats by any means, things did accumulate over the years.   How do I part with the artwork Christina did growing up - the macrame key rings and macaroni necklaces?  Slowly but surely I will go through the memories living in this house has created and celebrate those wonderful times.  Luckily for Tom and I, more wonderful times lie ahead of us to balance the bittersweet closing of this chapter of our lives.  Waiting right around the corner are those myriad boat decisions to be made.  In fact, Tom B. has a second set of joinery drawings waiting to be finished and put in the mail to us, probably by this time next week.

As a sneak preview, I can announce that KKY 55-005 is expected to be released from the mold somewhere around September 20th - huge progress forward!  We are looking at a wonderful option for the master stateroom hatches, called Ocean Shades.  Very cool.  Laura and I have exchanged no less than a dozen emails about granite colors.  We've even tiptoed into the realm of settee covering and colors.  So as the dust settles around this major upheaval called moving, I will have more time to focus on all the fun decisions needing to be made during the next few months.

Now that I've given ample excuses for why I've not been posting, I want to tell you about my trip 2 weeks ago on Betty Robinson's gorgeous 48 North Sea, LiLi.  But......first I have to start packing those Waterford glasses, remember?

Next  post (hopefully tomorrow or Monday) will be about this fantastic experience - with pictures!! Yay!

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