Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Peek at Fetal KKY 55-005

As excited as I was to see the first sonogram of our baby, I'm just as excited to see (and finally share) the first pictures of our boat-to-be.

When Tom B. was in Taiwan last month checking on his latest crop of boats-to-be, he kindly sent the pictures that follow.  Now I must admit, aside from the obvious pictures, I had no idea what I was looking at.  Who knew that looking at shower stalls and black and gray water tanks could generate such mania!  I pored over these pictures with enthusiasm formerly reserved for the latest J. Crew or Bloomingdales catalog!

These are both the master and guest shower stalls.  They transform into sparkling fiberglass shower stalls that are roomy, have a great built-in seat and are so very easy to clean.  The shower itself has a state-of-the-art shower head that swivels to adjust the stream of water.  The body of the shower also swivels and converts to a hand-held sprayer for hard to reach areas.  The water pressure is strong enough to rinse every soap bubble out of my mop of curls!

This is a picture of the gray and black water tanks.  For those of you who like me, never heard of gray water, it is the waste water (like water from the shower), that is anything other than waste from the heads.

Tom also sent 3 exciting pictures of the hull and house.  You can look forward and actually see the shape of the hull!

Alongside the hull, you can see a set of steps...

More pictures of the boat's innards...

Instead of cutting corners by placing the stringers further apart to conserve materials, KKY places them so as to provide maximum strength and support to the boat's core.

You can see what the house looks like in all her "undressed" glory...

According to Tom, while he was at the yard, this is what was happening to KKY 55-005:

"All three large pieces, your hull, house section and boat deck are all laminated. They were
installing the core material into the hull and getting ready to vacuum bag
it in. Stringers were prepared and ready for installation along with the
bulkheads which will go in next into the hull. On the house section they had
just started installing the core material. Also shown are your shower stalls
and black and gray water tanks. All the pieces are starting to come

The last sentence sent our hearts racing!  Our boat-to-be is taking shape and becoming more real each day.  She is due to be released from the mold around September 20th.  That will be a day to celebrate the completion of phase one.  If phase one is nearly done, can phase two be far behind?????

Stay tuned for more news.  Our second set of joinery drawings and some granite samples are due this weekend.  Up for this week's discussion:
granite, names, color/fabric for the settees

Luckily we have the gift of time (how rare).  So while these items do not yet require a decision, we're having fun with the discussions

Be back soon.

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