Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm Still Here!

Sorry everyone!  I've been waiting for some very special pictures from Olympia's christening on January 31st.  The photographer is my cousin, a busy neuro radiologist in Sarasota, so I can't rush him too much.

I took a long weekend to visit Montauk this past weekend.  It was a winter wonderland following what we all hope was the last snowfall of 2015.

I'll post some gorgeous photos (including an awesome sunrise and sunset) of that trip  to keep you interested until I get the christening pictures.

While we're on the subject of trips, I'll be flying to Norfolk, VA on April 14th to meet Olympia and take the helm for the final leg of her journey home!  Just thinking about this adventure gives me goose bumps.  This trip has been in my mind's eye for no less than two whole years!

 The marina in Huntington advises me that her slip is ready - they also confessed that since she'll be one of the "widest" girls at the marina, they are going to check the width of her slip just once more.  Just to be sure, I'm going to pop over there this weekend to see for myself.  Getting stuck between pilings is not the way I want Olympia to make her grand entrance!  

There will be an interesting crew of 4 aboard as she leaves Stuart, including my hero captain Mike Warren.  I got a glimpse of their provisioning list - those guys are going to feast their way north, that's for sure.  I'd have it no other way, they deserve nothing but the best there is.  Mike is planning an outside trip to Beaufort, SC if the weather cooperates which he estimates will take 60 hours offshore.

I'm in the process of learning yet another new skill - negotiating with an outfit in Stuart to rent a life raft.  Did you know that since the life raft contains flares, it is considered haz mat and subject to specific regulations about its transportation to and from the boat?  That translates to the need for a special ground trucking service from NY back to FL (which translates further into $$$$).  Does anything marine-related not cost a fortune?  However, after applying my analytical skills (smile) to this process, I determined that it is still less expensive to rent, rather than purchase, a life raft.  Once I start cruising (oh please let it be soon!), I can look into purchasing the raft - and will be happy to do just that!

I'll try to get the Montauk pictures posted tonight if I get home from work and the barn at a civilized hour.  I feel as if I've let everyone down by my disappearing act and owe you all - big time.

I'll be back soon - promise!

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