Saturday, October 13, 2012


This is a non-boat related note to let my wonderful readers know that Tom and I celebrated our anniversary this past Wednesday (October 10) - a lot of years.  We had a wonderful evening, complete with flowers, champagne and excellent dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Tom has fabulous taste - especially when it comes to gifts for me.  As usual, he knocked me out with this year's anniversary gift.  He admitted that our fashion genius of a daughter provided the idea and shopped, but he still got all the credit.

I've wanted one of these for a looooog time!  Yup, it's the real McCoy!  Note the special touch - my initial embossed on one of the leather handles!  Fashion genius daughter again.  In this view, it's a great tote, capable of holding tons of stuff...., the bag has a slimmer, more sophisticated profile - still holds the same amount of stuff, just looks different.

Thanks Tom!  I adore my new Louis Vuitton.  It will look perfect on Serenity!  Tomorrow I'll be introducing Louis to Serenity.  Hope she isn't jealous.

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