Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meeting Serenity for the First Time - OMG!

The day Tom and I had been counting down the days towards was finally here - January 14, 2011.  The alarm went off at 4:15 am for our 7 am flight to West Palm Beach.  We literally leaped out of bed and ran to our battle stations to get ready (well at least my battle station.  At this point in life, one just doesn't jump out of bed and run out the door)!  As usual, we arrived at the airport in time to help the cleaning crew mop the floors.  At least the security check-in line was quick -it was us and the TSA folks.  They actually seemed happy to see us!

After a lifetime of waiting and 2 Starbucks skinny lattes, our flight was called.  Luckily for us (and those around us), we purchased Early Bird boarding slots on the famed (and this time not inexpensive) Southwest Airlines.  This enabled us to board in an A slot so we could get on and off quickly.  After all, the sooner we boarded, the sooner we could leave, right?  Thankfully, the flight actually left 2 minutes early (someone probably told the captain Tom and I were on board).

We arrived on time in West Palm and were greeted by sunny skies with temps in the high 50s.  Heaven!
The wheels were still being deployed when I texted Laura at KKY that the eagle had landed!  Poor Laura - that was the first of nearly a dozen texts reporting our every move.
After what seemed like an excruciating eternity, we arrived in KKY's office.  Like family, we were greeted with hugs, handshakes and hearty congratulations.  Now, we were ready to see HER.
We all piled into cars and were off to Four Fish Marina in Jensen Beach where Serenity had just been hauled out for her bottom work to be done.  The ride was mercifully short; good thing 'cause by now, my heart rate had accelerated to the 100s and was climbing.  Tom wasn't saying much, but the look on his face pretty much summed up his thoughts.

As we drove into the marina's parking area, I realized that the object of our dreams, our life's new beginnings and the subject of hours of conversation was just around the corner and would be in view in a matter of seconds.  I hope all of you reading this blog get to experience this feeling at some point in your life.  It is indescribable!  If you allow yourself to dream of things out of your area of comfort, if you challenge yourself to take a risk simply because your heart tells you to, then you will understand what we were feeling at the moment.

We rounded a corner...backed up a bit... AND THERE SHE WAS!  Serenity sat there shining brightly under cerulean skies, seeming to be waiting for her adoring new family to greet her.

I cried and Tom cleared his throat before either of us could say a word.  In fact, I had seen that look in Tom's eyes just 2 times before this - when our daughter was born and again when she was married.  Serenity didn't disappoint us as we gazed at this unbelievable boat that was now ours.  As soon as we could pull our eyes away from her we were led to (a very tall) boarding ladder.  In order to see our girl's interior, we needed to climb the ladder (gulp), somehow reach over to the swim platform, hook our fingers into the slats and roll onto the platform.  Once that was accomplished, we had to try to get up from a kneeling, sort of fetal position (gracefully) and calmly walk into the cockpit as if this is an everyday occurrence.  I was worried about Tom since he hates ladders and has a bad knee.  I needn't have worried; he was up the ladder and on the boat like a gazelle.  I'll have to remind him of this the next time I have a "Honey Do" list for him.

Once inside the boat, the tears really flowed (and there was much throat clearing).  The interior of this boat is not to be believed.  We were sent photos of the interior as work was progressing, but we were completely unprepared for what we saw.  The gleaming wood perfectly matched, rounded corners, gorgeous teak and spruce floors, sturdy hand rails, STORAGE everywhere in cabinets and drawers, granite counters, soft leather on the settees, I could go on and on (and I will, don't worry).  Even though I don't count cooking among my heart's desires, I do appreciate the creature comforts of a well-appointed galley.  How about a 4 burner Viking range with full oven, a micro convection oven, stainless steel sink with spray faucet, full size frig with icemaker in the freezer, dishwasher and happy day, a wine frig with separate shelves for red and white wine!!! No more drinking hot cabernet savignon on a summer's evening for us!

The green stuff is just the protective covering over the granite and floors.  The galley looks into the saloon where we can seat 8 for dinner on a U-shaped settee covered in a wheat-tone leather.  The table has bird's eye maple edges, raises up for dining table height and lowers for cocktails - while sitting atop a pedestal that keeps things from moving around.
There will be many parties around that table, I can assure you!  Across from this seating area, we'll have 2 leather club chairs for comfortable indoor reading.  Behind the chairs is a cabinet hiding a 42" flat screen TV on a lift.  At the touch of a button, the TV rises up for viewing encased in its own teak frame.  Pretty cool, huh?

Serenity.  As you can see, even right from the yard without benefit of any decorations, she is a true beauty.  Wait til you see the other pictures I have for you!

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  1. We are so happy for you! Please update soon! How awesome!